Strategic Plans Ensure
Successful Outcomes

Use My Step-by-Step Process to Design
a Roadmap to Reach Your Goals



In the planning phase we map out a year-long communications plan to allow for thoughtful and strategic choices for the entire organization.



I will use the communications plan to implement your chosen tactics. We will review outcomes at scheduled meetings so I can adjust the plan as necessary.



First,we’ll celebrate our coverage wins together. Then,we’ll note the tangible outcomes that were achieved by implementing the plan.



Using the report outcomes we’ll adjust your messages to improve future outcomes.


Increase Donations
Using a PR Plan

A PR Plan Ensures Communication is Considered and Thoughtful

Too often teams rush into creating communication content and materials to fit an immediate need without considering how it fits into the entire organizations messaging. I’ll help you create a PR plan which offers a framework to ensure every activity in your organization is supported by effective, considered communication that delivers maximum impact.

Share Your
Messages AND

Specific Tactics Combined with
Dynamic Content
Delivers Contributions

Using my knowledge and connection with the media, I'll share your organizational messages to trustworthy reporters to deliver impactful news coverage. You'll save time and energy by hiring me to secure the coverage that will bring your donations and other forms of support.


Evaluate How a PR Plan
Has Strengthened
Financial Outcomes

Review Your Results to Determine
Your Outcomes and Success


Organizational Unity

Evaluate how the pr plan has encouraged the organization to speak collectively through unified messages.


media coverage

Evaluate media coverage to determine if your messages have reached new audiences and positively increased your visibility.


Donor Impact

Measure how clear content persuaded donors to contribute, make larger gifts, or increase matching donations.


engaged board

Consistent communication engages and equips your board to share these messages with other potential funders and members.

and Adjust Your

Review results to refine or
reinforce your key messages
to ensure goals are met.

As you receive feedback from your communications outreach in the form of media coverage, donations, and support, collect these outcomes. Take the time to review and evaluate your key messages to make certain your messages are being heard and enacted upon.


Communication Success Ensures Organizational Health

Hundreds of Non-Profit Organizations
Have Experienced Exceptional Results


Newspaper Feature

For the Handbook of Houston launch, I secured a front-page feature in the March 2017 Houston Chronicle which led to increased awareness of the Houston History Alliance.



A formerly homeless man told his story of how he got off the streets and into housing to Edel Howlin of Houston Matters News 88.7 which lead to increased visibility for The Beacon.



Students from the after-school arts program, Workshop Houston in the Third Ward shared their activities on Great Day Houston, KHOU-TV which led to the close of their $1.9m capital campaign.



Facilitated community interaction with Bellaire police at an area donut shop to raise money for their charity and connect officers with the community.